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Stylish Summer Items

All the dreary winter long, I dreamed of a chic summer style. I had visions of bike rides with floral sundresses blowing in the wind, mini-skirts and espadrilles and smart-looking shorts with tailored blouses.

Fast forward to the muggy month of May: Forget about elegance – in last week’s humidity, the only items I was willing to don were t-shirts with a pair of cutoff shorts I fashioned out of my 10th grade Abercrombie jeans and ratty, old ballet flats.

It was when a friend pointed out that most Montrealers hadn’t fallen into the sloppy state we had that I realized it was time for a change.

And thus I began a search for stylish summer items that take a minimum of effort (and sweat) to pull off.

Alexander Wang’s low-priced, basics line, “T”:

Wang’s “T” line is full of affordable, comfortable basics that retain his trademark young, sporty and carefree style. I bought his oversized racer-back tank dress for about $45 online.

Repetto flats:

The classic Repetto brand makes some of the best ballet flats out there and has also introduced a line of really well made, elegant Oxfords. It’s worth investing in a pair.


Topshop is overhyped, overcrowded and sometimes overpriced, but there’s no denying that their wares are trendier and of higher quality than your average H&M fare. A quick perusal of their website turned up lots of cute sundresses perfect for summer outings.

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