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With Steph graduating from school and becoming a real-life grownup, and Amy venturing off in new directions, we took to the streets one last time to see what Toronto had to offer as the days get warmer.

Scoping out the mens clothing on the streets of Toronto sometimes brings to mind my favourite movie rant of the 90’s. Cher Horowitz in “Clueless”, ranting on about the baggy-pants, back-ward cap wearing, skater boys. It’s refreshing to see that well-tailored menswear is making a come-back, and this handsome feller is showing off the best of it. A structured vest looks great when worn over a perfectly-disheveled oxford, and a slick pair of skinnies.  Accessorizing his outfit by mixing some nerd-boy chic (wide-framed glasses) with a touch of Oliver Twist (page-boy cap) to bring together the look. “Please sir, I want some more.”

Denim on denim is THE fashion faux pas , but Chris here shows you how to make it work. Matching jean a la Britney and Justin = No. Black denim pencil skirt and a crisp jacket? Yes yes yes! My favourite fair weather staple, the jean jacket, can be paired with everything from shorts and a tee to a floaty summer dresses, and even a gold lame bodysuit.

Yup, it’s officially shorts wearing weather. A great option for guys are these navy corduroy ones, that when paired with a clean oxford button up look classic. As was noted above, tailored menswear is the way to go! And while the nautical look is a safe bet, small accessories can give the extra “umpf”. Jon’s leather supreme hat and chain add edge, and hey – his tattoos don’t hurt either.

Have a great summer kids!

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