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Spring in their Step…

…the reds, corals and greens as seen on the Toronto streets.

Yes, people, it’s true. The long, dark days of Canadian winters are ending and slowly, the days are lengthening and the ice is melting. As we awaken our bikes from their hibernation and pack away our warmest parkas, our wardrobe choices start changing along with the climate. Instead of head-to-toe black ensembles, we feel the urge to throw on a bright purse or a pastel blazer, and as we stare at our heavy winter footwear sitting by the door, our instincts tell us to slide on our patterned flats or loafers instead. On the runway, colour stories incorporating corals and military greens stood out, and on the streets of Toronto these hues seem to be equally evident.

Although this young lady is clearly partial to black, her valiant efforts to lighten up the look must be applauded. The shock of red on her lips brightens up her face, while the green knit scarf helps to break up the monochromatic black appearance (I’m also seeing scarves tied in creative knots more and more, and must say it’s refreshing to see the variation as it can really add an interesting appeal to an outfit). The beautiful caramel-leather purse adds a nice punch as well, in addition to the pink and green scarf tied to the computer bag over her shoulder, and her dark red Docs which enhance the casual, yet stylish student vibe she’s channelling.

 Despite the snow here, this lovely lass knows how to make the most of her apparel. The high-waisted navy trousers paired with tall, brown boots is a bold choice, but combined with the pale tones of the pink lace and taupe blazer, the combination of colours actually blend wonderfully. I’ve personally always loved browns and pinks together, and as Spring approaches, playful palette choices are inspiring. As for her green fur-trimmed jacket (oh so casually thrown over one shoulder) and her pop of orange; it’s clear someone has been been paying attention to the latest trends and “it” colours of the season.

As I popped into a small clothing store along Bloor St., I was distracted by an amazing pair of brown leather loafers. The slightly high-top cut and the detailed stitching in the leather was really original, and as I panned up to gage the rest of the outfit, I was pleasantly surprised. With a pair of rolled khakis, an oversized tee, and the quintessential military jacket, she is right on point with the current “men’s wear for women” look. For added detail, the red paisley scarf matches her red and brown leather purse, providing a burst of brightness that saves the outfit from being too neutral. For a comfy, yet fashion forward weekday outfit, this look seems perfect and unpretentious.

 Despite the basic (but killer) black jacket here, the acid wash jeans and combat boots give this outfit a surprising, funky vibe that kicks up the outfit. The added belt is also note-worthy, taking the jacket from frumpy to fitted and shows off her tiny waist. With the white, wool circle scarf and worn red leather bag, the look here manages to stay simple but individual, which is important when everyone begins to look the same in their black jackets. While the cut-off gloves only add to the “aggressive yet flirty” look, her mini-afro is wicked and rare. In the words of Mr. Sheen, she’s certainly “winning”.

As the brilliant burnt orange suede jacket drew me in, I noticed the 70′s style deep, rounded pockets and the almost military themed button detailing across the front. Along with her awesome hair and her round Lennon-inspired sunglasses, the combination of light blue denim and orange were the cherry on top of her retro, one of a kind look. With a smack of her coral-painted lips, she turned heads as she walked off in her adorable boat shoes to grab a coffee.

Last but not least, this gorgeous specimen was spotted on her way to brunch, sporting the perfect military-green trench that is perfect for any occasion. Once again, we see the influence of men’s wear in her shoes, but combined with the dark denim skinny jean (that had small zipper detailing at the ankle) , she maintains a sexy look with her tapered pants and long, toned legs. With a peek of stripes poking out from under her jacket, and her classy scarf drapery, she evokes a preppy, put-together style that is perfect for an easy going Spring afternoon.

As we see reoccurring shades in the above outfits, it seems that ladies in Toronto are thinking alike…or following the latest spreads in Vogue or Harpers. Either way, Spring is all about reintroducing colour into our wardrobes, whether it is merely a scarf or an entire ensemble of contrasting hues. Have fun, takes risks, and don’t be afraid to combine contrasting colours into your outfits….just remember that confidence (and cute shoes) can go a long way, my friends.

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