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Siyon – Stand In Your Own Nation

Founded this past year by Rwandan refugee Eric Mazimpaka and Vancouver Islander Kevin Parks, Siyon Studios is a new multimedia venture driven by a profound passion for individuality and inspired by social and political events.

Eric Mazimpaka first moved to Canada in 1996 after escaping the Rwanda Genocide. He found himself in a new, free, and positive world where he was capable of living out his dream of being an artist. Teaming up with local graphic artist Kevin Parks to create Siyon Studios, they aim to create fine art apparel that expresses personal beliefs rather than social status.

One of their long-term goals is to create a documentary entitled “What Will Tomorrow Bring?” It will help discover how important art in all its forms is to the human spirit, and how it has helped those recover from the genocide over a decade ago in Rwanda. The funding for this project – taking them to Africa and back, will come from profits derived from the Siyon apparel line and the auctioning off of an enormous signed oil painting of K’naan, which is currently traveling to each concert to be signed by fans to show their support.

Siyon Studios is currently looking for retailers to help establish their presence in the world of the modern youth, and to begin the quest to inspire everyone to live a life of generosity, acceptance, and individuality.

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