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Return of Spring/Summer Shoes

Aside from loving the floral jumpers and denim everything in the stores right now, my feet are smiling at the return of the wedge and the clunky clog heel. Although I am not a fan of the clog (makes me think of milking cows), I can’t wait to have some solidity under my feet and not totter home on stilettos at three thirty. Since school is out and work has yet to begin, I’ve been scouring the shops trying to lay my hands on a perfect pair of wedges. But to my dismay, it is not that easy.

I keep finding ones that are either too gladiator-y or too bootie-ish. I am not into having hardcore thick leather bandages across my feet, because if you are rather small like me, you will know that a clunky bootie-like shoe that cuts you at the ankle will result in fat-short-leg-syndrome as opposed to elongating the leg, which is what we are hopefully going for. Look for something in a nude or a beige tone to elongate the leg even more.

I have collected a few of my favorite summer clunkers below …

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