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Preview of “Odds and ends” by Rachel Chan

To start a collection usually the idea is to try to make a story or style that you’re inspired by. I planned that the collection was originally inspired by grecian draping and rock glamour. However, The more and more I sewed my collection the less I concentrated on being held into this bracket. So I just sewed clothes that I’ve always wanted or what my friends look for, but can never find in the store. Although I gave myself more freedom, I still tried to make the pieces suit each other.

In this collection, you can expect mostly pieces that mix and match and that are fairly easy to style. The women’s pieces are mostly confident pieces that will attract attention. They are sexy but strong and are meant more for club/streetstyle than casual. It was my first time doing some men’s pieces so I just focused on doing some sweaters. Surprisingly, I enjoyed designing the men’s pieces, and expand the Menswear a lot more. Most of the collection is black, some grays and soft pinks. fabrics used in the collection were mostly lace with pattern sequence, rayon jersey, cotton jersey, chiffon, leather and I used various studs for embellishments.

The photographer was Brian Huynh, whom I’ve always used for my important shoots. You can check his website, “Brian Huynh photography” and his blog, “the other man”. He does fashion photography, beauty shoots, and events. The make up artist and hair stylist was Christopher Lee, who works at MAC and does make up for various events and shoots. My models were Nick Maicas, and Francesca Anderson both from Dulcedo Model Agency. They both took direction really well and were really fun to work with. Overall I had a great team that helped me achieve my vision.

The new collection will be up shortly on My Website,  and If you are interested in any designs please don’t hesitate to email me at I also do custom orders, from dance costumes, wedding dresses and experimental pieces. You can also visit my Etsy Online Store that will have new pieces from the collection soon.

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