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Pati’s List

Nothing can be stylish without inspiration, and while inspiration for some comes from within (cough…bulls#!t…cough), we all need a muse.

I sat down with one of my most fashion-conscious friend to get the scoop on how she chooses her outfits. Pati Dearest, (that’s her name for this piece) happens to have a collection of blogs she follows. These blogs feature young women who mash up different pieces into outfits while following trends and styles. She follows many blogs (I swear, she has like twenty on her list), but she gave me her top 5.

Here is Pati’s list.

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily, the owner of the blog, is from San Francisco. She’s been doing this for two years already.

Pati loves this blog because it’s fresh and she’s sure to find something different. This blogger mixes trends, both new and vintage, perfectly. Not only can she work a closet, but she does décor and cuisine.

Strictly on the style side, I am also impressed by how simple her outfits are while still being so chic.  Here’s one of her recent posts:

Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere December 2010 album

Interesting fact, she appeared on the Hills (Season 1) in a sales position at Teen Vogue.

The Blonde Salad

From San Francisco to Milan, meet Chiara. She’s a student, blogger, and a (self-proclaimed) fashionista. But above all Chiara writes that she’s a “life lover.”

Pati says she’s the definition of style, with a touch of classic, a hint of trendy and a pinch of bold. Trendy and bold is definitely right for this blogger, check out her recent entry:

Chiara, blog owner of, Winter 2010 collection

Lucky for us, she writes both English and Italian. Pati says she can rock flats “better than anyone and she happens to have the hottest and most glamorous of the looks.” She does, but when looking at her outfits, she’s willing to push the envelope while being fashionably conscious. It’s safe with a hint of her personal touch.

Several Italian magazines have already accredited her for her unique and classy style.

Interesting fact, she recently started her own shoe company.

The Style Scrapbook

Andy is originally from Mexico but she now lives in Amsterdam.

Pati loves this blogger because she adds her personal style to current trends. Andy’s personal style is written all over her outfits.  This is one of recent posts:

Andy from the style, December 2010 collection

Interesting fact, this blogger documents her everyday life as well as her shopping trips.

Le Blog de Betty

From Amsterdam to France, meet Betty!

She’s Parisian so you know she can’t go wrong. Pati says she is the personification of bold and risky and she’s not afraid to mix and match the craziest of pieces in the most intricate ways. While her outfits glam, glitter and pow (totally made that last one up), Pati says that they are also stylish and adorable.

She’s quite right and I found a piece that embodies all of these:

Betty, owner of, December pictures

Lucky for us, she also happens to have an English version of her blog. She writes down, clearly, where she bought every of her pieces and she also has a section on her blog where you can find some of her clothing selections.

B Jones style

B. Jones is from California. Her style truly sets her apart from most fashion bloggers.  Pati says she’s the guru of vintage and she has a unique style that no one can copy. Check out this post:

B Jones,, recent blog entry

What’s great about this blogger and that she makes vintage truly fashionable. I’d also say she’s very gutsy and allows herself to experiment different pieces all at once without clashing.

Interesting fact, she has another blog dedicated to styling.

So, who’s your favourite fashion blogger?

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