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Lanvin for H&M – Winter Collection

Shivering for Shoes and Freezing for Fashion: Lust for Lanvin Defies the Weather

The biggest fashion event of the month has finally come and gone! As France’s oldest fashion house, Lanvin’s collaborative collection with H&M sold out in a few hours. At 8 a.m. on November 20th, H&M on Ste Catherine and Peel opened its doors to a line of anxious customers waiting outside. A little after one in the afternoon, the store had already sold out.

How people were still able to move their fingers after braving Montreal cold through the night to get inside still baffles me. At 8 p.m. the previous night, I went to visit my close friend, Christopher Smendziuk. He was the first in line, having flown all the way from Vancouver just for this event. He had entrenched himself in front of the store a couple of hours earlier. Bundled up in a blanket, parka, and numerous scarves, he wasn’t alone.

Already, a small group of shivering, red nosed people covered up in sleeping bags and down jackets had started lining up behind him. After about half an hour of not being able to feel my lips and fingers, I was ready to head home. Chris, however, stayed on for another 12 hours. His reward: He was the first to bolt into the store and nab what he wanted. (Check out Chris in action in this video! He’s the first person who runs into the store once the doors open. Very Superman-esque, don’t you think?) He came home with 5 large bags from Lanvin <3 H&M and a huge smile on his face.

Afterward when he had de-thawed and the adrenaline rush from his all night hunting expedition had calmed down, I asked him why he flew all the way from Vancouver to stay up all night and freeze himself half to death? His reply? “I wouldn’t have been first in line in Vancouver and I am done waiting in line!”

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