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Just Zip It: yK’s DIY trends…the exposed zipper

just ZIP it

As seen on the runways slowly for Fall 08/9 and even more rampant this season, the exposed zipper trend brings a little naughty to even the nicest of outfits.  Recreating this deconstructed twist is easy, inexpensive and puts you amongst the fashion connoisseurs.

Zipped from the RUNWAY

Zipped from the RUNWAY

First, start off by selecting the item you would like to adorn.  This season nothing is off limits!  T-shirts, leggings, the little black dress, jackets and even your reusable canvas tote can all be transformed into this season’s must-have.  All you need is the appropriate length of zipper for your item and some two-sided invisible “sewing” tape.

1.    Find a flat surface to create your masterpiece.
2.    Select where you will be placing your zip.
3.    Place the two-sided tape on the backside of the zip and apply it to the area you selected and Voila!

The trend is yours.

If you have a really good eye, don’t be afraid to try multiple zipper placements of different sizes.

So you’re not the DIY type?  Here are some suggestions.

Hollwood Leggings

Hollywood” Leggings, LnA Clothing

Development Jacket
Jacket with exposed zippers, Development by Erica Davies

Have fun and be sure to send us in a photo of your fabulous creation. We will definitely post it!

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