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“Fashion. Music. Glamour.” These are the words that adorn the banners outside of the trendy, West Queen West boutique JACFLASH.

Momma always said not to judge a book by its cover, but come on kids… Sometimes it’s just plain hard not to. Especially when that “cover” comes in the form of petite, freckly, and blonde store owner Jaclyn Genovese. Sure, this fiery young entrepreneur may appear to have been handed her lavish lifestyle on a silver platter supplied by daddy dearest, but strip away the layers and you’ll find one of the hardest working girls in Toronto. “Despite what some people may think about my success and that I have had everything handed to me, I am a very hardworking woman.” Jaclyn eats, sleeps, and breathes JacFlash, opening her baby’s doors to the fashion lovers of Toronto in 2007.

Not only does Jaclyn run the store 7 days a week, she also created a line of clothing and accessories with her cousin Gillian (Jac and Gill) that is sold in the store, as well as heading up a promotions company entitled FlashBam with a fellow promoter. “I think that anyone who knows me, knows that I am never not working.”

Some might be surprised to find out that Jaclyn studied classical music at Dalhousie University, and music continues to be a strong force in all aspects of her life. From the indie bands that use her store as a platform for their music, to her promo night, FlashBam Friday’s at local club Nyood, and the burlesque show accompanying Jac and Gill’s first fashion show, music is an inspiration for everything she does. “I’d love to be able to sing at jazz clubs, and maybe even put out a classical CD just for fun. It’s what I love.”

Recently Jaclyn and her group of friends and co-workers were featured in an online reality show entitled Jaclife. The show followed the gang through the trials and tribulations of juggling both a business and a packed social life. Like much of the reality television shows out there, Jaclife tended to highlight the more dramatic of situations, and Jaclyn is the first to admit that much of what was seen was amplified for entertainment purposes. She understands the perception that some people might have of her after watching the show, but considering the publicity it garnered for her store and the brand she created, it was all worth it.

Next up for this busy lady? A new promotional endeavor with friend and local designer Amanda Lew Kee hosting Monday night jams at the brand new Thompson Hotel in downtown Toronto. This new gig kicks off as soon as the hotel officially opens!

Though some people might shy away from stepping into the store, intimidated by its somewhat high-end appearance, Jaclyn promises that there’s something for everyone. “Our price range is huge. We have stuff for $9.99, and $699. There’s something for everyone.”

The JacFlash girls

So readers, my advice to you is this: Next time you find yourself taking a stroll on the west-west side, pop into this striking boutique and have a look around. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Check out Jaclyn’s blog!

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