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I want to be Forever Young

I am 25 years old and own my own business, should I be walking the streets in light green winter boots and a pompom winter hat with a huge happy face on it OR in a pair of black slacks and rubbers over my shoes?  I ask myself, when am I not the “young” one at the adult party anymore? This article really isn’t about those mothers who want to dress like their daughters, rather it’s about when those daughters should start dressing a bit more like their mothers. I think as we mature, we should be changing our wardrobes, especially after we graduate. I don’t work in the corporate scene, so I am rarely in a suit, but how much longer can I really wear my zany articles and get away with it, and not be considered inappropriate. It got me thinking, is it my age that matters or is wearing appropriate items in the right places?

I was at an award ceremony where I was up for a young entrepreneur award for ages 18-45, and I was the youngest nominee as most were well in their 40s and bald. I decided that instead of wearing the traditional tie & suit, I opted for one of my LEGO bow ties. I can tell you it was a HUGE HIT and I got stopped over a dozen times. You want to stand out for the right reasons, while making the right impression. I came to the conclusion that YES age should dictate how you dress, but age should never dictate who you really are. Don’t just conform to society’s norms for the sake of appeasing others. As the saying goes “You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” People dress a certain way to express their individuality, their creativity and their sense of style. Never be afraid to express who you are, just make sure that you know your audience. If it’s a job interview at law firm, don’t show up in khakis and an oxford because you are the laid back type, but the same goes for a suit in one of those loft type, segway riding Ad agencies.

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    I concur!!
    Great choice with the Lego bow tie :)

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