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Uranium has recently opened up their online store, so you too (provided you are in Canada) can order a signature piece for yourself or a bauble for the one  you are smitten with.  Of course you should also take advantage of getting free swag when ordering a bills worth of gear.  Nothing says ‘’I love you’’,  more than free shipping and a free t-shirt!


With roots in the world of snowboarding, skate and the accompanying music; Uranium Jewelry has been the specialists of street fashion jewelry and accessories for over a decade.  The line consists of four collections, each with their own distinct characteristics and personality.  There is Lucie, Luv Machine, Stella and Hayden.  Each product is designed to fit the lifestyle and way of thinking of the wearer.  The ‘’power charm’’ attached to each collection, let’s the wearer choose which ‘’positively charged’’ value they would like to portray.


Embody the energy of the water element with Lucie, who is all about natural BEAUTY, vitality and being a muse for both men and women.  Stella, just like her element, is light as AIR.  She moves impishly between fantasy and imagination but at her heart, she symbolizes LOVE.  She uses her romantic and feminine wiles to bring harmony, wisdom and truth.  Feel the CREATIVITY and energy of FIRE,  when you wear Hayden.  It may be for men, but it doesn’t shy away from playing for the other team.  His power will give you luck, joy and bravery.  Luv Machine is the Earth element and means Strength.  She’s rock & roll, full of courage, confidence and above all, protection.  Uranium permits you to feel free to explore all the different sides of your personality, so go ahead and experiment.

Rock On

Enfant Terrible

Signature Tank

Not only does Uranium cater to both men and women, they also have the original signature collection with designs made for the lil’ peeps and our four-legged friends.  You can check’em out at retail locations across Canada or go online.

And if that’s not enough, check out our contest page for your chance to win an assortment of Uranium adornments for either men or women!


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