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GRUNGE… I’m sadly living through it again!

Kurt Cobain

You know you’re getting old when you start seeing trends come back! Back in 92 I remember this huge scandal that had happened! Something so terrible that even the 6 o’clock news reported on it. Marc Jacobs working then for Perry Ellis had dared send his models wearing a look made popular by a Seatle band called Nirvana. It was the birth of Grunge as a money making trend! Feeling oh so clever being Anti-Yuppies, so many got caught in this whirlwind of bad taste (myself included), some sadly were unable to quit it and are still wearing this look 17 years later!

Marie Kate

This fall, Grunge back with a vengeance and it’s coming for you! No matter what the size of your wallet you you should always buy quality items. I’ll focus on the key Grunge item : the Plaid Shirt. The best flannel on the cheap is by Carhartt. If you like the glamorous life check out this baby by DSquared. Yeah I know… but what can I say : you get what you pay for!

Grungess Runway

This trend is also available in tons of different items of clothing and be found all your nearest fashion retail point (hint hint: look for the plaid! I know you’ve seen it!).

WARNING: You do not want to get addicted to the comfort of the flannel shirts because like in the 90s this trend will probably only last 2 seasons.


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