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Getting Sex(y) Saturdays w/Nat T. (R&R)


It’s Friday evening at 7 pm and I promptly arrive at condo #411 for the scoop on “sexy” from Rock and Republic Brand Manager for Canada, Natalie T. Upon being greeted by a great big hug, I was led to the table where an enticing array of drinks and snacks were all laid out in preparation for our Tete a Tete. A single and sexy siren herself, Nat and I sat down for a totally open discussion about men, sex and style.

Tony for yourKloset: What is the personality trait that you find is most and least attractive in a man?

Natalie T. (Rock and Republic): Least attractive I would have to say is arrogance (self-centered, cocky)… someone who takes themselves way too seriously…overly confident (there is such a thing you know). If you are troubled and we should stay away, please let us know that! As for the most attractive that would definitely be confidence, a man who is ON when he walks into a room. He is also aware, natural and personable. I also like a man who can laugh/make fun at his own expense. That’s a man who gets better looking the more you get to know him.

T4yK: What is the number one complaint amongst your female friends concerning men today?

Nat T: Probably that men are not as self-sufficient as we would like them to be. Emotionally, they have come along way but have leaps to take. Closing off has never helped anyone, just ask Oprah! They need to be open to new things, I guess better rounded.

T4yK: Your idea of a sexy evening?

Nat T: Firstly, it would take both of us to disconnect from everyone and everything. So cell phones and IM’s off! We set the mood with our favourite’s playlist (of course with my all time fave, The Police – Bed’s Too Big without You), making dinner together, wine, being comfortable and relaxed …maybe even making it to the bedroom before dinner. Switch it up, the steak can wait!


T4yK: What body part do you find to be the sexiest?

Nat T: I find the armpit to be the sexiest part.

T4yK: Well that’s bizarre; you can’t really see the armpit.

Nat T: Well I am speaking more about the intimacy level. I find that a man’s scent you can claim, it triggers memory and can excite you even after he’s gone.

T4yK: Whoa, girl calm down!

T4yK: Besides black, what color do you feel sexiest in?

Nat T: Navy because it’s smart and sassy and that’s all you need!

T4yK: LOL..but why?

Nat T: It’s academic, uniform-like, but not as severe or obvious as black. I feel very sexy in my navy satin lingerie and love my ink denim skinny’s (R&R, of course).

T4yK: Natalie you touched upon something in our conversation before we started the interview. You had mentioned that men don’t have game anymore. Please explain.

Nat T: Well, I find that guys in North America are treating women more and more like objects. On my travels, men are still suave and know how to approach and treat women. I am all for people hooking up but you have to let us know, “Why you?” Game is not just a few smooth words put together. It’s all about being you and goes back to a bit of that confidence answer.

Lazarus Jacket/Lucius Shirt

Lazarus Jacket/Lucius Shirt

T4yK: What do you think of men’s dressing today?

Nat T: There are some very well dressed men out there today…you for one Tony.

T4yK: (giggle) Thanks Nat, but let’s speak about the others.

Nat T: There are better dressed men than 10 years ago, that’s for sure. But, I think that the majority lack creativity and individuality and do not seem to put a lot of effort into it. They definitely lack guidance and should take more risks. Again, why you and not the other guy who is just a bit more intriguing because of his look.

T4yK: What’s hot at Rock & Republic for spring 2009?

Nat T: This season it’s all about black, white and tight. There are fitted and flirty pieces for the ladies and slim silhouettes for guys. Barcode prints on leggings and dresses and coated finishes on linen bring fresh styles to the stores. The “Jailhouse” denim for guys is the must have and don’t forget a jacket at dinner. How chic! This season’s catch phrase is “Get in line or get out of the way!”

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