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Fresh Style from Joe Fresh Style Studio Store

Canadians have always loved the convenience of grocery shopping and purchasing the latest fashions all under one roof. However, sometimes a gal just wants to do some serious shopping! Joe Fresh Style has opened a standalone studio store in Outremont (not to fret, there is a Loblaw a couple of steps away!) located in the historic Jean-Talon train station. The sleek 14,500 square foot store is filled with your fashion faves for men, women, kids apparel and accessories. Before scoping out a pair of ballet flats and a too-cool-for-school biker jacket at the media event, I sat down Joe Mimran, the main man that brought us the likes of Alfred Sung, Club Monaco and Caban, rightfully dubbing him the Canadian king of fashion, for his take on his longevity, which multi-tasking activity he skilfully enjoys and how he stays so fresh.

YK: “It Goes Like This” is the theme to the fall campaign which is fitting for my first question. I believe one way to pave the road to success is by replicating the path of a successful person. How did your fashion career begin? So, it goes like this…

JM: Believe it or not, in university I went into accounting because I wanted to receive a professional designation. So I got my CA and the minute I did, I left because I knew it was not my calling. I always loved creativity and fashion, so I then got an undergraduate degree in fine arts and Japanese cinema. Receiving my CA gave me an incredible grounding for a very difficult industry. You really need that financial side, which I believe is missing in this creative world.

YK: What do you attribute your longevity to?

JM: It’s my passion for the business. You have to love the product. If you don’t love it, forget it. You have to be in it to love it.

YK: Your fall line is in stores now, tell me about the inspiration for this collection.

JM: I went from spring which was a very innocent and girly sort of sheer meets country. I felt it was very esoteric and wasn’t very street relevant. So for this season I wanted to peel it all back and make it more urban. For example we paired sweats with leather which I think is very much what we do well and much closer to our actual product.

YK: What are the must-have items from Joe Fresh Style this fall?

JM: I definitely think the faux-furs, moto boots with hand-studded details, as well as the chunky knits with embellishments and the skinny bottoms, the latter of which have simply become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, are essential.

YK: The location for your first Montreal studio store is architecturally gorgeous. Are you planning on opening a second location and will it by any chance be in the the downtown area?

JM: We are actually on the hunt right now, looking to find a great location on Ste. Catherine Street.

YK: You were previously being interviewed by a fellow fashion blogger. Which blogs do you enjoy reading?

JM: I try to read The Sartorialist, WWD and WGSN. I have to be honest, I just find that I cannot seem to pack in all the information. Particularly when you are in a business that is so operationally driven and are scheduled in meetings every half-hour!

YK: So what do you like to do when you have a bit of down time?

JM: Down time, what’s that? When I do have down time, we (referring to wife designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran from Pink Tartan) love to travel where there is great food, lovely aesthetics and the weather is wonderful. Also, I love to read, I read about a book a week. I really love to get lost in a book. Even when I’m pounding away on a treadmill!

YK: What is the last book you read?

JM: The last book I read was Spies of the Balkans by Alan Furst.

YK: I noticed that there will soon be an app for Joe Fresh Style. Will the brand have a transactional site as well?

JM: Currently, Loblaw’s system doesn’t permit for such activity. But we do have a strong online presence which we are committed to building. I do think that it is really critical to be in that game because there is not anybody under the age of 25 who’s doing anything other than being online.

YK: Which emerging Canadian designers do your admire?

JM: I admire any emerging Canadian designer because I believe that to be a designer of a certain level in this country is hard. Trying to be a designer’s designer, as oppose to being a designer in the business of simply selling clothes, is very difficult because there isn’t much room. There are so many challenges involved in being that kind of designer, particularly in the Canadian market place where we do not have an international standing. So if you can stay in the business and you can pursue your art and your passion and that’s what you love to do, I say I admire you for it.

YK: Besides being fresh, how would you describe your style?

JM: Classic and refined. My style is always the same. I go for high glamour and don’t follow trends. I always like to wear tailored suits with fitted trousers.

Joe Fresh Style Studio
395 Jean Talon St. W. (near Parc Ave.)


Photos from the event courtesy of Jimmy Hamelin

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