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Fashion as a Norm in Society

In today’s world, fashion has made itself a very important place in the culture of our society. Superstars can literally be made overnight by the choice of clothing they make for a specific event or occasion. Remember J-Lo in that dare-to-bare Versace gown at the Grammys anyone?

Numerous tabloid magazines survive on the countless paparazzi shots of stars wearing something they will critic, good or bad. How many segments of “what were they thinking” or “look of the day” exist in those magazines? They mostly overshadow actual and pertinent content.

Many fashion designers exist, are made, or die because of the attention. Halle Berry put Elie Saab on the map when she wore the now-iconic Saab dress accepting her Oscar at the Academy awards. Alexander McQueen sadly and regrettably couldn’t cope with everything surrounding his field and the scrutiny it imposed on him.

Innumerable blogs showcase street styles, dictating moods, lifestyles, spending habits while stating the effect fashion and clothing have on their daily lives, etc. From a sociological aspect, this is goldmine for researchers. Fashion, no matter what anyone says, affects our lives more than we think and in many ways, contributes to the progression, development and evolution (or for many, the hindrances and devolution) of our society. With this being said should we really allow fashion and clothes such importance in our lives?

My philosophy is the following: if it makes you happy, why not! Getting dressed and being excited about wearing new pieces newly purchased is meant to be enjoyable, fun and harmless. Looking good, either for yourself or to please others, is part of human nature and the psychology of it certainly is worth studying. The business of fashion is a totally different beast on its own & is worth investigating as well. If all of this amount to some sort of reflection of today’s society, than yes, fashion should be considered a norm on its own merit. But giving it too much recognition discredits its primary purpose. Thought for debate?

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