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FALL Hit List

Hope everyone had an amazing stylish summer but if you’re like me and recycled all of last years getups in hopes to save towards an amazing fall wardrobe, your style forecast is clear and promising! This fall bring out amazing textures and rich colors. From sheer to velvet and from denim to fur here is a look at 2010 autumn and falls must haves and men this time I’ve got you covered.

  1. Numero uno the military jacket must have been a bit avant garde from last fall because it is here again
  2. Every woman and man must own a double breasted wool coat this year and camel is the color of choice
  3. Has anyone told you your skin feels like velvet?  No? well here is your chance, wear it on the outside and put those naysayers to shame
  4. If your not feeling the whole jacket thing try a cape on for size this is a must have.
  5. Ladies do away with flares (who wears those anyway) try on the latest cut the cropped boyfriend skinny jean….its a nice way to show off those cute oxfords (also a must have)
  6. Men its time to accessorize spruce up your upper half with a brooch
  7. If you don’t have a everything bag please get one perfect for school a get away or hoarders and make it a satchel  or tote and I promise you will never forget anything ever again.
  8. Fur on boot, thigh highs, oxfords, mini heels, clogs, fold over boots and men artillery boots are foot candy this season
  9. Lots of leather and lace
  10. And finally fall colors of course black, deep orange, purples, corals, reds, light grey, chocolates and military greens are what you should be seen in this fall.

Knowledge is power and I’ve just given your wardrobe enough strength to run a triathlon this fall!

Happy shopping and as always be stylish cause I said so.

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