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DIY Fashion

Why Can’t My Finals DIT (Do-It-Themselves)?

Finals are a great time for thinking about anything other than what you should be thinking about… YOUR FINALS!  Being locked in my room for the past week has given me great ideas for updating my closet (as it’s the only thing I get to see when taking a rest from boring notes into my very tired and abused brain), and the DIY fashion website,, has helped.

Hard as it is to believe, this is an even better procrastination tool than Facebook and has so far convinced me that I can no longer live without a pair of seam breakers, that a sewing machine should be the next addition to my furniture, and that I need to hit up DeSerres glitter aisle as soon as my last exam is over.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ecstatic to find out that I don’t need to ditch all of my comfy jeans just because they are too long and ragged, and that I can make all my outdated bell bottoms into skinny jeans with a few snips of my scissors and some thread.  Maybe that bleach I accidentally spilled onto my favorite tank wasn’t a mistake but instead just the encouragement I needed to try out bleaching art. The “Twinkle Toes” project on that the site mentions also looks like a winner.  No more boring flats for me; I’m going to glitter heaven!

In addition, has fantastic ideas for home decoration.  I’m currently looking at my boring lamps and thinking how much better they’d look with the nifty paper punched shades I just learned how to do. Hmmmm….

Too bad all my creativity will have to wait until May 1st.  Ok, back to studying!

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