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Discover your Identity… Apparel

There I was, perusing the various kiosks in The SHOWROOM during the Fall 2010 presentations at this past Montreal Fashion Week, when I came across a great brand that I knew I would be highlighting in the near future. Not your average t-shirt line, Identity Apparel combines science and fashion to create bio-couture, one-of-a-kind garments designed with and inspired by one’s DNA, fingerprint or luscious lips.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Identity Apparel’s three product lines allow the customer to customize a garment exactly to his or her liking (further ensuring a unique and personalized piece of clothing).

The DNA Line captures the very essence of an individual’s existence.  Identity Apparel uses the process of Polymerase Chain Reaction and Gel Electrophoresis to create an image that shows the different lengths of a customer’s DNA sequence. To see how this data is collected click here.

“The Fingerprint Line was created because each fingerprint is unlike any other…” says Aram Melkoumov of the brand. “This line allows the customer to show their individuality in a fashionable and artistic manner”. To see the quick and easy process of taking your print, click here

The Kiss Line is primarily directed towards women. “A woman’s lips symbolize sensuality and sexuality” says Dylan Ferguson of Identity Apparel.

Once a garment and style are selected, the customer receives a collection kit for the line they have selected. The kit contains all the material needed to provide Identity Apparel with the perfect Fingerprint, Kiss Imprint or DNA sample. All mailing material uses numbers to correspond with names so that security and confidentiality are upheld, and once a sample of DNA, fingerprint, or kiss imprint is processed, the original and digital copy is destroyed. Now that’s exclusivity!

To buy your Identity (Apparel) now and wear it proud, click here.

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