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complex geometries

I often find that fashion design in Montreal misses something—it is too crafty, a little unsophisticated, almost unprofessional—but designer Clayton Evans has turned my notions of their proverbial heads. His line, complexgeometries, is one of the most successful brands to come out of Montreal, and his design talents are comparable to some of the most talented avant-garde designers today.

The complexgeometries (like E.E. Cummings titles, the name is always lowercase) brand is like a more accessible Gareth Pugh collection. Evans is a conceptual designer but keeps his clothes wearable and relatively inexpensive, using fabrics like wool and cotton jersey. complexgeometries is all about shape, and the clothes have minimalist but intricate geometric features. A masterful draper, Evans is able to make easy-to-wear basics that are, as the name of his brand suggests, complex and beautiful.

complexgeometries is available at Boutique Reborn in Montreal and at various stores in Canada and internationally. Available online at complex geometries online store.

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