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Beautifully Canadian

If you are an animal rights activist, PETA supporter, or equate your pet with farmed animals, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!  Just as you have the right to NOT wear fur, I have the right TO wear it. With that said, I love and have always loved fur!

Industry reassurance and the opulent lure of fur have thoroughly seduced emerging designers, as well as established international labels with over 1,600 fur looks included in their collections for this Winter 10/11 season. And not a second too soon with these cold spells that we have been experiencing.

Canadian furs and the manufacturing of these products are second to none in the world. The Beautifully Canadian series of furs captures the essence of this long standing Canadian artisan specialty with updates and innovative twists. New fur styles for this winter season are young, fresh and accessible. And, in an effort to capture your hearts – and your kloset space – a wide variety of new fur products are now also affordable, despite recent record pelt prices.

Small pieces and accessories are all the rage! Short jackets mixing higher-end and moderate-priced fur types offer fashion interest and affordability. Shrugs, boleros, vests, oversized neck rings and scarves in fur are trendy, with a touch of luxe and, not to forget, warmth! Fur accessories, from bonnets, earmuffs and handbags to sophisticated stoles and small capes are stylish items ideally suited to introduce new consumers to fur, as are fur/fabric combinations, fur/wool-knits and fur trims on almost anything!

No longer just for pimps attending the Player’s Ball (the more fur, the more class/money you have… Not!), men’s versions have also come a long way, including stadium jacket styles in beaver (perfect for Nuit Blanche) and slick double-breasted trench coats in broadtail.

So, move over grandma’s furs (which we do love and can be remodeled and updated – stay tuned for an upcoming post) now there’s something leaner… Beautifully Canadian!

Don a fur and dare to be different!

Check out a Vancouver blogger’s progress as she continues her 100 day frolic with fur.

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