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Toronto Street Style – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

As the brisk wind blows against our raw, ravaged cheeks, there’s no denying that old man Winter has rolled in once more.  But hey, this doesn’t mean we have to bury our style beneath layers of ill-fitting fabrics and dowdy scarves and hats. In fact, with winter comes the opportunity to wear multiple pieces of clothing, providing an opportunity to show off our sweet sweaters, gloves, patterned wool socks and of course, our magnum opus: the winter jacket. Gone are the days of the hand-me-down parka, passed through generations of family members and stained with God knows what.

Not only is this outfit winter appropriate, but it also fits well. The wool vest is just tight enough, but also sits a little shorter than the plaid shirt below it, giving viewers a little peek at the festive button up. The jeans are a nice dark wash, not too light for the winter season, and exhibit the perfect blend of loose, but fitted fit, while rolled at the ankle so as not to drag in the slushy snow. The shoes say “I’m not overly scuffed, but I’ve been well loved,” tying together his overall look. And who doesn’t love a good beard?

Although this outfit is simple, there are little fashionable details that must be noted. The camel-coloured wool jacket is fitted, but also gives enough space for the layering of wool sweaters below, a necessity for Canadian winters. The leather detailing on the toggles (toggles! the best button you can find!) is wonderful, and the hood is really big, giving her more than ample space for her hair and hat. Her skinny jeans give a chance to show of her figure, which can get lost beneath a large winter jacket, and her adorable green socks and brown leather oxfords tie in the brown and red tones in her outfit. The peek of red hair poking out from under her knit hat is a wonderful contrast with the camel coat and the green socks, while her cloth tote bag exudes practical minimalism, underlining her approach towards easy, simple style.

As we examine outer wear fashions, it is necessary to also applaud the effort made to accessorize underneath our hats and mitts. This lovely lady showcases her ability to keep her jewelery jazzy, despite the cold weather. Although the combination of gold and silver jewelery is often frowned upon, the matte gold of the Rachel Roy spike ring blends perfectly with the surrounding silver, as well as the multifaceted golds and greens seen within the gaudy gem ring. Besides the beautiful statement accessories, the periwinkle nail polish against the vivid red sweater is another indication of just how far small details can go.

This adorable gal is the epitome of Canadian style, combining denim, plaid, knit and fur to create a “lady lumberjack” kind of look. Although large hats can often overwhelm an outfit, it works quite well here, as the hat subtly matches the shearling gloves, as well as the slouchy wool socks. The simplicity of the leggings and denim allow for a statement piece, such as a large fur hat with fur pom-poms, with moccasins as the finishing touch to this homage-to-Canada outfit.

First of all, can we just agree that long hair on a man CAN work, as seen here. Secondly, a nice knit sweater can go a long way, especially when it’s patterned and has a classy cowl neck with wood buttons. In this instance, the mustard and red on the sweater are a great combo with the army-green, as they are all warm winter colours that are a nice change from the head-to-toe black outfits often seen in these dark months. Combining said knit with a denim jacket layered under a military jacket is not only a good look, but can also be very effective in keeping out the chill. Add on black fingerless gloves to tie in the black on the sweater, as well as practical brown lace up boots, and voila – effortless style.

This working gal was nabbed on her way to do some typing in a cafe, as I noticed her wonderful combination of print, colour and fabrics. Starting with the classic gray tweed jacket, she has also layered an oversized black knit sweater (a staple in any girls closet) and a loose floral mohair sweater, creating an eye-catching juxtaposition between the parallel lines of gray tweed and the bright floral print underneath. On the bottom, the army-green skinny jeans are a great pairing with the brown lace-up heel boots, as they pick up the browns in the tortoise-shell glasses. Toss on a practical black circle scarf and a black leather fringe bag (hidden under her right arm) and you’re ready to go. I especially admire the pops of colour in her outfit, as the green in her pants tie in the greens and pinks in her shirt, once again emphasizing the concept of colour within winter style.

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