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Eva Monde: Quebecer Sustainable Accessories Line

Lately I’ve been contemplating switching my diet from pescetarian (a vegetarian that eats fish) to vegan. Quite a jump since it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul, but quite gratifying based on testimonials from my fellow vegans. Beside it being a healthy alternative, it’s also an easy way of reducing your carbon footprint. Also, dairy farms are one of the leading causes of water pollution due to the excess manure. Did you know that one single cow produces the same waste as 21 humans?!

No need to fear, this fashion gal will not start sporting granola-looking Birkenstocks! But what I will be doing is striving to live the most sustainable life one step at a time. That includes incorporating eco-friendly fashion items into my kloset.

Last week while I was blogging for La Braderie de mode québecoise, I discovered Eva Monde, designed by Èva Maud Lavallée, a charming sustainable line from Joliette, Quebec, that is truly green conscious. Launched  in 1996, Eva Monde is an eco accessories brand that was the first to design gems from real fruits and vegetables. The produce are dried and then glazed back to life. How do you like them apples! Guitar strings, coffee beans, and even eyewear frames are part of her chic arsenal of eco design. Further, putting in practice sustainable style, Eva Monde also creates beautiful rings fabricated from vintage buttons and brooches.




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