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Value Village

Value Village

It’s January. The holidays are over, our wallets are empty, and school is back in session. Not the happiest of months, but fear not friends!  You can still go shopping!

Value village holds the key to your happiness. One-of-a-kind pieces that are cheap as chips!

When entering the store, keep in mind how much you want to spend. It’s easy to blow cash equivalent to the balance on your cell phone bill on clothing that you, most likely, will never wear beyond the fluorescent lights of VV. Remind yourself of the following tips as you’re sifting through the racks:

It’s very important to think about how much you are willing to spend on an item before you check the price tag. Is  the price higher than what you would pay? If so, ditch it.

Try everything on! Grab a cart and FILL IT! That’s what they’re there for. Even that sheer-sleeved blazer deserves a chance.  Will you actually ever wear it? If Steph was Cher Horowitz, she might, but she’s not. Next item.

Value VillageIt’s important to be realistic about how far you’re willing to go to make an item work.  Amy’s already taken this blouse home and altered the ruffled sleeves (tucked under in this photo) for a more flattering fit.  Seinfeld blouse crisis averted.  Think to yourself, “Am I really going to go through the effort of taking home that hot pink skirt, shortening it, and tie-dyeing it with bleach?” Probably not.

Value VillageAs much as you think you’ll laugh about that unitard when you play dress up with your friends, joke clothes just aren’t worth it. Unless it’s two weeks from Halloween, they will only gather dust in the back of your closet with the tags still on them. During our trip, Steph had to pry this feathered number from Amy’s hands, as the latter was desperately clinging to the idea of a Bowie-in-the-Labyrinth costume party. Not happening.

Value Village

Never, I repeat NEVER, go vintage shopping with someone who has the same shoe size as you. You and your bestie are both 7 ½? Sorry, friendships could be ruined by venturing to do so. Lucky for Amy, these gems were a size too big for Steph. Score.

Value Village

Then, there is that perfect find. You squeal when you pull it from the racks. It was made for you! Keep hunting until you find it; trust us, it’s worth it. Steph hasn’t been able to stop talking about this blazer since the day she picked it up.

Value VillageYou know when you spot someone walking down the street, and you have to stop them to ask, “Where did you get that amazing (insert item of clothing here)?” And they respond, “Oh, it’s from Value Village.” Well, now you are one of those people. Enjoy.

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  1. LOVE IT!!
    i bow down to V.V

  2. All-You-Need-Is-Love says:

    amazing blog!
    good digs.
    V.V is under-rated!

  3. Well said..Thanks

  4. WTF. That sheer sleeve Cher blazer was a TOTAL FIND. It matches the shoes. I love matching the shoes…

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