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Treasure Hunting

Jewelry Box Fixed

Where do you find jewelry that is valuable, one-of-a-kind, and costs next to nothing?  Ask my roommate, Allison.  By living with her over the past seven months, my eyes have been opened to the world of bazaar buying, church sale scouting, garage sale give-aways, and estate sale steals.

Allison is a serious bargain hunter.  She used to work in antiques and has an eye for things that many people would overlook. This is especially true when it comes to two of her specialties: jewelry and accessories.

Fixed Ring

The jewelry and accessory tables at these sales are usually overflowing with trinkets and baubles.  People collect gems and jewels over the course of their lives and when they feel the need to purge their jewelry boxes, they can be hasty in what they decide to (practically) give away.  It is in this type of situation that someone like Allison profits. Some of her latest finds include an 18 karat interwoven gold and silver ring that is simple in design but whose luster draws the attention of the eye to the hand. She bought it for a meager 50 cents.

At the same time, Allison picked up a huge 18 karat gold ring covered in diamond shaped Swarovski crystal, that to me seems like it would be the perfect addition to one of Lady GaGa’s ostentatious outfits.  Completely gaudy, and completely loveable.  Allison splurged and spent $30 on the ring, but as she said, “For Swarovski crystal, it was worth it.”

Channel Necklace

Another great find of the day was a Chanel clip-on earring that was missing its mate and its clip.  Allison immediately had the idea of turning the lonely earring into a necklace, which would be easy to do, as the two holes that formerly held the earring clip were perfectly suited for a chain.  At $ 2, who would say no to Chanel, or bargain hunting for that matter?

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