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Taking Vintage into the Office


I have recently started a new job or shall I say internship for a Designer working with product development. It is a high end women’s wear line and let me tell you the rumors of people dressing to the nines in Fashion is definitely true. I was a bit intimidated on my first day because I was the new girl in the room and everyone knows that can be sufficiently awkward. So of course my nerves led me to believe that I had to have the best outfit ever to wear to my first day and then all my imperfections would be forgotten simply because of how dashing my attire was.  Anyway I am blabbing, moral of the story is since my Internship I have spent far too many hours brainstorming and creating the perfect work outfits. I have been trying to get creative with my work attire by finding classy, unique and tasteful things to wear.

You don’t need to be spending a fortune on ‘work clothes’ you just need to get a bit creative and hit up the vintage shops. Especially now since we are traveling back in time in terms of fashion it is Cool Classy and Chic to pick up a frock from the 60s and wear it to work.

I went on yet another vintage spree and picked up a few must haves for work. Keep in mind I do work in fashion so it allows me to be a little more creative than other places. But still you can find great pieces vintage shopping.

This is my favorite outfit (above), the androgynous 60s look, ahhh I just love the tie so much,  dress is from Extoggery in Toronto, tie is from a flea market in Mexico City, blouse H&M.


This shirt I love, the pattern and the sleeves are amazing. I don’t know if you can really tell, but the sleeves are flared and add a unique feminine touch to this outfit.

Office Vintage

Okay, so this one I kind of resemble a priest of some sort of minister, but to be honest I totally am loving it. I am really into the bow-tie, necktie whatever you want to call it. The piece of fabric around my neck (haha) is a vintage choker from my mother, the blouse is from gadabout on Queen East and the Skirt is from Tokyo 7 (a to die for vintage store in NYC)  if you ever head to NY definitely hit up Tokyo 7.

office fashion

I have already debut these pants on but I decided that they are worthy enough to be shown again. This outfit could be a little risky for the office but if you are working at a place like me or somewhere where allows you to be a bit creative and fashion forward. This outfit totally Rocks! The shirt is from Folles Allies in Montreal, pants are from Goodwill (I know weird but true) and necklace is costume Jewelry from Absolutely Inc.

Side note: in case you noticed I just got my wisdom teeth out (It’s HELL) but that is why I slightly resemble a chipmunk.

Hope you all enjoyed the office special for this week,

Until next time

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