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Rocking w/Mondo Electro

Army - Mondo Electro

Here are my four favorite looks of the week, hopefully they will inspire and entertain all you fashion lovers.

Army - Mondo Electro

Recently throughout fashion magazines, I have noticed a common trend of the resurgence of ARMY.  Yes guys the cargo look is in the process of making a come back. I recently was cleaning out my closet and came across these cargo army shorts. I did a little experimenting. I paired the shorts with a bunch of different items and ended up with the blazer and my monster heels. I was sort of on the fence about this look, but now I am totally sold. If you start to see army in the stores, don’t be too surprised.

You can pick up these army shorts at AAA Army Surplus in Kensington Market along with other army paraphernalia. Blazer is from Extoggery in Toronto, American Apparel beater and Aldo (monster heels).

Black Blazer/Flannel - Mondo Electro

This is such a simple look to achieve, as well as super hip and stylish. Two of my favorite essentials are a black blazer and a flannel shirt, pair them together and you’ll look great.

The black blazer is from Extoggery in Toronto. Extoggery is a used clothing store which sells all sorts of designer labels for very reasonably priced.

the Sequin Jacket - Mondo Electro

The sparkle and sequin jacket are all the rage at the moment especially since the death of MJ. This jacket is a vintage piece from my mother’s kloset, however brand name stores are coming out with different variations of this sequin jacket.  I recently spotted a similar jacket to mine at H&M. Pair this jacket with a pair of jean shorts, some cute booties and your ready for a night on the town. Jean shorts are from Value Village, beater is American Apparel, and earrings are from ChloecommeParris.

the Sequin Jacket - Mondo Electro

Following along with the trend of the sequin jacket, here is another sequin number I have found. I found this jacket at Gadabout on Queen street. I have also spotted a bunch of sequin shirts and jackets at 69 vintage, so if you are liking the sequin craze hit up these hot vintage stores to find your very own.

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