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Thrift Shoping

Salutations to all Fashionistas near and far domestic and abroad I’d like to introduce you to my new best friend the recssionista. She is fab, fresh gets into all of the exclusive spots everywhere and not to mention looks like a million bucks.

Hello!!!! has anybody noticed that we are currently in a recession here. Spending hundreds on those new fresh off of a supermodels feet shoes is not he new black. We must learn to reduce reuse and recycle. Getting the look for less is not as easy as I make it seem but here are some tools to help you along the way. SHOP TILL YOU DROP (at thrift stores). They have some great finds and a little dry cleaning goes a long way just think about what’s hot in stores right now..Harem pants ? button fly high cut shorts denim jackets ? All available there and if your lucky you might even be have a Louis Vuttion sighting.

Thrift Shoping

Why go and spend that 350 dollars that you did overtime for to buy those torn denim jeans that everyone is in only to look like a robot in uniform? Buy a second hand pair of jeans and do it yourself that way if you mess up….at least it wasn’t 350.

Rummage through mothers and grandmas kloset to find pre loved things turn long skirts into dresses by belting it with an actual belt or scarf.

Thrift Shoping

Turn those ol’ shades into master pieces y tricking out your sunglasses and making it something that is you.

Here are some of my fave looks from taken from a family bbq that I was at in Toronto. These guys are fierce, period! They use the perfect balance of thrift store chic and mix it in with H&M basics. It’s all about style and thanks to Value Village, Good will or Fripe Prix we can get the look without breaking the bank.

Thrift Shoping

So fashionistas be wise when it comes to big purchases. Sites like ebay, hautelook etc etc will get you great buys on the items that you must have and let’s not forget winners!

So till next time love yourself, be original and superfab.


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  1. I like, I like, I like!….good Job!

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