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Introducing…Zoë B


Over the holiday season the varying amounts of gifts to give & parties to attend can get pricey, so I’m here to talk to you a little bit about a cheaper alternative: Vintage shopping.

There a lot of reasons I love vintage, but the most important ones are that it’s inexpensive AND it looks damn good. It’s special and it makes you feel like a million dollars knowing that you’ve found something that’s one of a kind. With vintage you get the best of both worlds by mixing old and new. Don’t want to spend another 100 odd dollars on a little black number to wear to a holiday party? Don’t. Buy a vintage one, or even buy some vintage accessories to wear with last year’s black dress. Now I’m not saying that all vintage is dirt cheap, some of it can get pricey, but I’m here to start helping everyone who doesn’t consider themselves able to vintage shop. You know, the people who think it’s too much work rummaging through piles of clothes just to find a perfect gem, or don’t think they have the “eye” for vintage. And I’ll try to make it even easier by telling you a bit about some of the places I frequent in Toronto for great quality, inexpensive vintage. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I can assure you that I do shop… A LOT.

Let’s start with 69 Collective/By the pound.  That’s where I picked up this amazing black dress for just $30.00!!

Dress: 69 collective/by the pound
Slip: H&M
Fur, Bag & Shoes Models own
Model: Shelby Fenlon

The front of the store is regular priced vintage and most of it is quite affordable. Then, moving to the back is this wonderful area that is priced by the pound. That’s right, clothes… By the pound!! Start digging… For yourself & all your friends!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love vintage shopping, and this dress is beautiful, and so versatile. Great find. i agree, there is something excitin about finding the perfect buy!

  2. Amazing shoot Zoe!

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