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Introducing… Mitz Products!

I recently discovered the fabulous little Montreal-based company Mitz, which utilizes ecologically intelligent design techniques to manufacture paperless stationery products. Their Terraskin® products (which include note/sketch pads, artist‘s journals, wrapping paper, and greeting cards) are free of bleach among other toxic chemicals, so their waste won’t contaminate our ecosystems. Terraskin® is actually made from stone, which means that no trees are cut down and no water is used to create their paper. What I also like about their company is that they also encourage customers to use vegetable or soy based inks (which work better with their products anyways); metal also can be used as writing utensils, which is a pretty neat alternative- it gives your script a kind of charcoal effect and plus, they’re water-proof! Personally, I love their artist’s journals and the simple yet modern design that they use. And their prices are quite reasonable, even for green products (e.g. journals: $12.95; cards: $3.95) .

I strongly urge you to check out their funky line of products and help support a company that has a great message and is exploiting cutting edge green technology.

And also, check out Cradle-to Cradle, a book outlining a new (green) way of looking at the economy.

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