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Fall Forward

Spring/Summer looks just stormed the catwalk but with the crisp autumn chill creeping upon us, one can either moan about the sudden drop in temperature, or marvel at the fantastic fashion taking over your wardrobe. From boots to snoods and everything in between, no autumn outfit is complete without the perfect and stylish final layer: the jacket.

Eco-friendly jackets are no longer reserved for vintage racks, as designers experiment with materials and production processes to uphold an environmental consciousness. Leanne McElroy’s collection of fall coats is a perfect example of eco-chic. Coats, such as the simple and stylish Azalea, are perfect for transitioning into the colder weather.

Kelly Barry has eco-ed and modernized a closet classic with her three-quarter sleeved pea coat made of an organic cotton and recycled poly-fiber blend.

For the men, the Looptworks Kawasan jacket, made of 61% organic cotton and 39% reclaimed organic canvas provides the perfect casual look.

And just an added tip: wool and cashmere are always a more eco-friendly option. Farmers that practice ethical and/or manual shearing practices help maintain and produce a natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable resource that can be used to bundle up!

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