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Eco Adventure


I just got back from a quick jaunt overseas where, for a few blissful days, I consumed almond croissants and macarons from Fauchon in Paris, enjoyed the ingenious variety of take-away in London, and soaked up impeccable European style.  But what I came home with was an even deeper love for English country romanticism and a new appreciation for rugged shoes.

Minna Talana Dress

English Rose – A different take on the peek-a-boo mesh of Jill Sander, Alexander Wang, and Marc Jacobs, sheers in nude, white and blush coupled with muted florals in spring colours are…heavenly. Finnish designer Minna Hepburn has captured this eternal English-country Romanticism perfectly. After a period collecting brooches and buttons, Hepburn started designing dressing and tops out of Scottish lace and decorating them with her antique finds. With an design ideology that minimizes environmental impact by using organic and recycled materials, Hepburn’s handmade pieces are soft, chic, and ‘lovely’ for the environment.

Blundstones and Rodarte Boot

Petit Pied – I’ve always been intrigued by the equestrian-meets-rugged look of Blundstone boot; I just never thought I would incorporate that look into my personal style. However, a little shop in Paris changed my mind for the better, and a slightly slimmer, shorter version are my new favourite pair of boots. Rodarte has something similar from California made from vegetable-tanned leather, and the website has a shoe by Greenbees that is a great eco-friendly alternative.

Greenbees Emma

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