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For over 50 years Dr. Martens has been turning out boots, shoes, and sandals for men and women with a distinct yellow stitch and an air cushioned sole.  Not much has changed at the family owned business, which has been operating in Northamptonshire, England, since the  Griggs family first started their shoe manufacturing business in 1901.

Traditionally, Docs were worn by postmen, police officers, and everyday workers, but they soon became the true noncomformist footwear.  These days, Docs have become a mainstream staple in many shoe closets around the world and for good reason.  The new Spring/Summer 2010 collection combines support, comfort, and durability with classic and innovative styling.  The classics have been refreshed with more breathable fabrics, new materials, and flashy colours.  The only thing that has changed (and maybe that’s because we’re all getting a little older) is the zipper closure!

The 12-hole Johari boot with gold hardware, eyelet detailing, and optional satin laces totally says, “I’m a pretty punk.”  Throw on a pair of opaque coloured tights so that the colour shows through the holes.


Snub conformity in the office by wearing the Diva, one of Dr. Martens best selling women’s collections.  New styles include a Mary Jane, a tassel loafer, and a three-eye shoe.  Docs and heels do go together!


The Tec Tuff collection has vibrant hues with white soles and matching stitching.  They look and feel like canvas and are breathable as well as water-resistant.


The Floral Prints may make you feel like you’re back in the eighties (or a character from Blossom), but they are integral in the DM’s Spring Summer 2010 collection.  Louise Body, famed British wallpaper and textile designer, has updated the classic 8-eye boot with English garden patterns.


Louise Body

The Koram Flash is back for another season, and flash they do!  With so many colours, you’ll feel a bit like Rainbow Brite!


My personal favorites are the Triumph!  They’re grungy.  They have a thick sole.  The leather is softer than a regular pair of Docs and the plaid lining is hot.  Laced up all the way, they look very traditional, but worn halfway open and withe the tongue hanging out… you’re ready to head bang!


One of the most interesting styles offered from Dr. Marten is the limited edition Rocker boot featured in Band Hero.  There are 11 styles of DM’s to choose from when designing your in-game characters and all of the styles featured in the game are available to wear in the real world… so rock on!


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  1. Jonathan says:

    You do realize you called this collection the Dr. Martin “SS” as in “Schutzstaffel”, the Socialist Nazi party, right?

  2. We were referring to Spring Summer when we wrote SS – sorry for the misunderstanding

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