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For those of you that hoped that you were clear of the 80’s, you were surely mistaken. The 80’s are back whether you like it or not. Top Designers such as Alexander Wang and Balmain have been supporters of this come back. They have incorporated the 80s trends into their summer and fall collections. I am totally guilty of jumping on the 80s bandwagon. My latest obsession has been scrounging through mounds of clothing to satisfy my 80s fix. For those of you who aren’t into the neon colors, outrageous patterns and shoulder pads, have no fear the 90s are here, for a more tamed grungy look.

My photos represent the transition that is occurring in fashion, avoid getting stuck in one era and don’t hesitate to incorporate a little bit of everything.

I have gone to stores in both Toronto and Montreal to get the best of the 80s and 90s Party wear. Chhheckkkk it out.

Bike shorts are making their way back into our wardrobes, to get this look for cheap take a pair of opaque tights and cut them into shorts. Snag a pair of socks from your pops. Get a blazer from your fave vintage store (Courage my Love)  or even your mum’s closet. And top it off with a fedora from Fripperie Saint Laurent in Montreal.

Dress is from Value Village in Montreal. I hemmed it to make it more fashion savvy.

Dress is from Flash Back in Toronto.

Dress from Flash back in Toronto, Jean vest from Value Village in Montreal, Fedora from Fripperie Saint Laurent in Montreal.

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  1. Rita Mill says:

    great photos ideas and advice. thanks for being awesome.

  2. Rita Mill says:

    Robbie you’re a smokeshow! The denim vest looks awesome over that dress.

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