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An Unfolding by Post-Vernissage presented by TRUSST – MFW20

Montreal Fashion Week 20 closed the first evening with An Unfolding by Post-Vernissage - a unique concept with a multi sensory setting. The design duo Ying Gao and Karl Latraverse create geometric designs that infinitely repeats itself and where the idea only measures 8 x 100 centimetres.  Richly inspired by the Slow Wear, a movement initiated by Slow Food concept, it focuses on sustainable style versus fast fashion. Post-Vernissage is a collection of timeless garments, finely cut into functional volumes, made from unconventional materials.
An ideal concept for a bustling modern world, where the complex of clothing is made simple.

The Unfolding will continue taking form as an exhibition at the TRUSST space until Saturday, February 12.

6341 Saint-Laurent

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