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A Hybrid Summer Accessory

Hybrids are THE must haves these days. From cars to clothes to labradoodles, people are looking for multipurpose items that make life more efficient and easier (not to mention unbelievably cute). Last year, I was surfing the net when I found a little gem of a product called the Cap-Sac. It is a hybrid of a hat and fanny pack that comes in a plethora of colors (I have the neon green). I used it all the time, when I went down to my pool, the beach or even on a run.

As many of you GUYS know, we don’t have the luxury of carrying around purses and, come summertime we are limited to the one pocket on our board shorts.  I always run into the problem of having nowhere to put my stuff. The Cap-Sac was ideal for me; I was able to put my iPod, Blackberry and cardholder in perfectly. Another bonus of the product is that the hat folds up into the fanny pack, so it becomes a pouch to make it much easier for packing, and you never have to worry about ruining it. It is also only $13 which makes it even more irresistible to me, and I should have ordered four of them.

I am going on record to say the fanny pack will make a comeback in the near future circa Spring/Summer 2011, especially with nylon bags becoming more and more popular. I say, being the fashion forward few, we hip Canucks adopt them from the Japanese and start a revolution… Ok, maybe I’m being a bit to eager beaver (pun intended), but at least try a Cap-Sac!

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