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Words, words, words…

We use so many words every day and we don’t even think about their power. A common word for us might have a very important emotional value for someone else or, on the other hand, an important word for us might mean nothing to someone else… When I was young, while at a birthday party, my friend’s mom told me I was “wild”. I hated it....

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BEHIND THE BEATS: Jimpster’s gonna make you jump!...

1. How did your particular moniker come about? It’s just an old nick name from school when I was about 11 or 12.  Jamie, Jim, Jimp, Jimpster……  that kind of thing. Dunno how it stuck really and I’m not that into it now!   2. What’s a typical day in the studio for him? Check emails, listen to promos, coffee break,...

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Christmukah Day 2 Winners

Thanks to all who participated in Christmukah Day 2: HIP AND BONE + WILDFOX COUTURE Giveaway. The winner of the two (2) men’s HIP AND BONE t-shirts is Patrick L’Aristocrate AND the winner of the women’s WILDFOX COUTURE “Young Heart” sweatshirt is Talia Reboh. Congratulations to both winners, and remember, there...

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Cougar rain boots WINNER wants to congratulate Mercedes La Rosa from Bijougraphie for winning the Cougar Regal biker-chic rain boots! We want to thank everyone who participated in the GIVEAWAY but unfortunately there could only be one winner. For more information on Cougar footwear, please check out their website. There’s still more prizes to be won...

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Top 5 with Jeanne Beker

For over two decades, Jeanne Beker has brought us front-row access to the lofty air-kiss world of fashion fantasy.  The Canadian face of fashion, a canny comparison to Anna Wintour with bold bangs minus stern stare, Beker began her career as an entertainment journalist for The New Music prior to holding helm as sole style host for Fashion...

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