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Winners fall 2011 looks

Fabulous Fall Finds at Winners

Have you been to Winners lately? You should go! Though it’s an exercise in fashion tenacity, it makes it all worth while once you’ve found that true gem at an even more attractive small price. We attended the Winners Fall 2011 preview and the offering was right on point with their fitting slogan “Find Fabulous For...

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So it’s a fact… sheepskin boots, the kind with the fleece on the inside and with a tanned outer surface are here to stay. The trend, turned staple were originally intended to keep surfers feet warm after getting out of the surf.  Now, they can be seen on everyone from tiny tots to their grandmas….and yes, even I have succumbed...

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Aigle Boutique Montrea

Montreal Aigle Boutique

I once asked Jeanne Beker her take on the future of fashion. She answered “if more people were working on the marriage of technology and fashion, I think we could get some pretty interesting results.” I couldn’t agree more since style choices reflect our cultural creed and invariably the climate we habitat. Aigle boutique, a...

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Giving Nautical the Nod, Without Going Overboard!

With everyone being beach-bound during the summer months, it’s no wonder that stripes, stars, and sails are on everyone’s mind, especially when they’re digging through their klosets. But sometimes, our nod to nautical ends in a sea-faring disaster: a woman going overboard!  To avoid wearing an outfit that looks like you’re about to jump...

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LOCALE: Fashion/ Community/ Art

I heart art and I’m especially gaga for shoes. How great is it that footwear boutique Locale carries my two loves! A new style-concept shop brought to you by the ALDO Group, the boutique celebrates fashion, the arts and community. Currently located at Rockland Center and Place Montreal Trust, a third location opened last month; the downtown...

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“National Shoe Day”

I woke up one day thinking about National ‘let’s-celebrate-anything-for-the-fun-of-it’ days. You know the ones that are so crazy out there, like ‘Meatloaf day’ for instance. This oh-so meaningful thought led me to ask myself if National Shoe day existed or not. As you may or may not know, I am a true ‘shoeaholic’. Yes I know, the...

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