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Fleur de Montagne

My dad and I had just come off the Piatra Craiului. We had set off the day before with 40kg backpacks and had run out of water right below the peak, a few hours’ hike away from our destination. Having had enough of bears, semi-wild dogs and sleeping on rocks under a sheet-thin tent, we’d abandoned our expedition and headed back to...

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Flight Attendants: Unspoken Heroes?

Trolley dolly, air mattress, sky waiters, all these names have been used to describe flight attendants. A laughing stock to a few, an envious career to many. All in all, the respect level towards flight attendants are at an all time low. In recent weeks Canadian news has been flooded with constant threats of a strike from different unions in a...

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Summer Getaway Essentials

It’s that time of year, fellas. The time where you feel like you still haven’t done anything of your summer, work is driving you insane and the city air is slowly suffocating you. Yes, you need a getaway with your best friends whether it’s to another city or your buddy Joe’s weekend cottage Up North. Those kind of getaways...

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The Comics Pimp: The World’s Comics City

As a comics fan, I’ve often dreamed of a place where comics are given their proper due. Until recently, I never thought such a place existed. Last month, I was fortunate enough to visit Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and that long-thought mythical place where comics take life in its charming, slender streets. Brussels is certainly...

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Goddess of Babylon

If you love the idea of jetting off at a moment’s notice, of wandering beaches and bazaars, of living the bohemian life, then you’ll love Goddess of Babylon. Hailing from Australia, Goddess of Babylon perfectly mirrors the wanderlust experienced by it’s creator, Chantel Barber. An avid traveler, Barber combines leathers,...

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Balenciaga and Spain

The east coast may be playing host to McQueen, but if you’re headed to San Francisco this summer, be sure to check out Balenciaga and Spain, a retrospective of the great designer’s work on display until July 4th. The de Young museum has collected hundreds of looks that show how very much Balenciaga was influenced by his native...

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