Posted Mar 24, 2010 in Tech


Oh my Picolo

Do you have a school presentation coming up? A sale pitch? Or are you going to an interview? Then here’s the Picolo Projector for you! We’ve just received ours hot of the shelf and so far, the opinions are mixed. Obviously, its most amazing feature is its size. Regardless how many pictures of the 3M MPro150 Picolo Projector...

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Posted Mar 17, 2010 in Tech

Gesture Cube

Just give me a SIGN – Gesture Cube

Ever wished you could change the TV channel or skip to the next song while your hands were dirty? No more smudge marks on your screens with the Gesture Cube. With a wave of your hand, access music, surf the web, or browse pictures of family and friends. “GestIC”, the technology behind the Cube, was developed by a group of German-based...

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Posted Feb 24, 2010 in Tech

Underwater Magic

Looking outside you wouldn’t say summer is just around the corner and it doesn’t have to be. Just a few flying hours away the tropical waters of the Caribbean can offer sanctuary to any and all winter refugees. For the last few years the packing list for all our southern vacations has always included an underwater disposable camera...

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Posted Feb 17, 2010 in Tech


The Little Speaker That Could

How about a portable speaker that fits right in the palm of your hand? With amazing “sound beyond size,” it’s a great little stereo speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, Macbook or any Netbook, and MP3 player. The iHM77 speakers adhere magnetically to one another in a small capsule shape for great portability, and then separate...

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Posted Feb 3, 2010 in Tech

Peace at last!!!!!!

Peace at last!!!!!!

Boys and girls, I’ve lost more things over the years than I can possibly remember, and none of the things that I lost I can say that I truly missed.  Not the cell phones, not the palm pilots, and definitely not the headsets…until a few months ago, when I lost my Bose QC 2s. I was distraught.  I searched all the airports and no one...

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Posted Jan 20, 2010 in Cool Shit, Tech

Neon Boneyard

Not far from the Las Vegas strip in the quiet desert sits the resting place of the city’s neon history. The Las Vegas Neon Museum and its Neon Boneyard are home to countless neon lights, which pay homage to the signage and advertisements from over the years. The Boneyard itself is “home to some of the most treasured and world-famous signs of...

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