Posted Sep 15, 2010 in Tech


The power of RedEye in your hand

In high school, did you ever have one of those watches with an integrated remote control and changed the channel when the teacher was not looking? That prank never gets old! We’ve been playing around with our RedEye for about a month now and it has brought back many fun memories and even more laughs. Besides being practical this gadget...

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Posted Sep 4, 2010 in Tech


Kik for Blackberry & iPhone

I am so stoked on this. BlackBerry enthusiasts live for their BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). How many times have you tried to get your iPhone fanatic friends to switch to BlackBerry so you can message them in real-time, and for free!? Well you can’t always win them over, but at least you can compromise thanks to a service called KiK. KiK is a 3rd...

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Posted Aug 18, 2010 in Tech


Make My Home Smarter 3

The most difficult part of any technology project is almost always the making of choices in the planning phase. Once these critical choices are made the rest becomes fairly simple since we’re limited in terms of compatibility of versions, integration and provider platforms. In our smart home project, the main piece of the puzzle is the...

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Posted Aug 4, 2010 in Tech


Give the Finger

It’s fun to see the faces, with the giant eyes and the wide open month, of everyone that comes over and sees you just putting your finger on a scanner and opening your front door. This reaction is by far the most rewarding part of buying and installing a fingerprint lock. What no one tells you is that every time they put their finger on...

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Posted Jul 28, 2010 in Tech


iPhone 4 dissected

Can anyone ever build the perfect phone? None have so far, not even Apple. Just like any other phone we’ve seen, the iPhone 4 has the good, the bad and the ugly. Apple’s newest is always marketed as the best and the greatest, none can dispute this. Sometimes it seems they put the same effort into making products as they do in letting...

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Posted Jul 21, 2010 in Tech


Are you boring?

It is becoming a very rare sight, someone walking alone with no headsets, no cellphone in hand, no bluetooth in one year, no media connectivity at all, just walking and enjoying the scenery. It seems that even while we’re out and about we have a need for entertainment. And this raises a few questions: How bored are you of you? Do we really...

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