Posted Feb 24, 2011 in Tech


Watch more with the NuCharge case

Yeah it’s not the koolest thing ever to add to yourKloset, yet for those that truly use the iPhone 4, the iKit NuCharge will make live twice as good. This new case will add an extra 1400 mAh to your iPhone 4, doubling the battery life. You may even be able to get rid of one or two of your chargers! The NuCharge case is 6mm thick and weighs...

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Posted Feb 17, 2011 in Tech


Joystick-It for iPad is Now Available in Canada Give your fingers a little break while playing action games on your iPad. This sweet little gadget will add hours of fun to your gaming experience on the iPad or any other capacitive screen tablet. Too bad there isn’t one of the iPhone! The Joystick-It is great for many different game apps. If a...

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Posted Nov 24, 2010 in Tech


Can’t touch this CAR! The Cobra’s iRad...

“See you later Mr. Policeman with your laser gun and your radar trap!!!” There’s little that is more infuriating then getting a speeding ticket when you were just accelerating to pass an unsafe driver or a slow moving granny, when you normally drive just at the speed limit or little above. The guys at Cobra have been building...

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Posted Nov 4, 2010 in Tech



Convenience. This is a very powerful concept that has been known to create entire markets, is the core concept of countless companies, and that is arguably the basis of the internet. It is the very definition of modernity: We no longer hunt or farm our food, but rather buy it in packaged form from the supermarket. The microwave, freeze-dried...

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Posted Oct 27, 2010 in Tech


How did the TECH Bug get You??

Hmmmmm… It was some time ago… Yet, do you remember your first computer? Wasn’t it just a wonderful piece of magic? Did you know how it worked? It didn’t matter at the time; all that mattered was that you could race home from school before your parents got home and play a few good rounds of space invaders or pong. If you...

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Posted Oct 7, 2010 in Cool Shit, Tech


High Adrenaline with LOW Tech

There’s very little that compares with the rush of adrenaline you get when jumping out of a flying airplane; the whistling air, the weightless freedom and the spectacular view make you truly feel on top of the world. And yet, for such a high adrenaline sport, skydiving is surprisingly low tech, probably the reason why so many people get...

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