Posted Apr 7, 2011 in Tech


Brandania – Create a Success Story

The greatest perk of working with yourKloset is the ability to get very intimate with many ideas, product lines, projects and the people that drive them. And with time we’ve seen fantastic success stories that beg the question: “What is the magic formula for success?”. Having a great product is a must, yet there are many great...

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Posted Mar 24, 2011 in Tech


The ExoPC Slate by ExoPC

A little while ago we announced the arrival of the windows based ExoPC slate, and now, we got our eager hands on it. ExoPC is a Canadian company from Trois-Rivières and the slate is very similar in capabilities with a netbook. It is powered by an Intel Atom CPU running at 1.66GHz with 2GB of RAM onboard. We tested the 32GB version however, a...

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Posted Mar 17, 2011 in Tech


Montrealers have a choice thanks to Colba.Net

Sick of the restrictions that your internet provider is forcing you to endure? Don’t despair yet, Colba.Net offers its customers the freedom that Videotron, Bell and others are cutting back. Recently, had the opportunity to interview Joseph Bassili, the CEO and founder of Colba.Net, who assures customers and prospective...

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Posted Mar 16, 2011 in Tech


Cobra iRadar will be available for Android this Ap...

With the great success that Cobra has had with iRadar for iPhone, it was only natural to expect an Android version. The Android version works just like the iPhone, the app connects via Bluetooth to the dash mountable unit. Together with your Android smartphone’s GPS and the 3G internet connection, you get one of the best radar and laser...

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Posted Mar 8, 2011 in Tech


The Instant Messaging War is Heating Up

The rumour around the block is that RIM might be getting ready to launch BBM service on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7. If this becomes reality, BBM will become the IM to beat in a market that gets ever more crowded every day. Just to name a few, right now mobile users can IM through AIM, IM+, Fring, KIK, Whatsapp… and so many...

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Posted Mar 3, 2011 in Tech


Check out while driving, on the new...

I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t love having a full computer in the dashboard of the car, especially while on a long drive or in the ever increasing urban traffic. Even in today’s smartphone-filled and tablet abundant society, car dashboard computers are usually primitive at best, and this applies to the luxury models as...

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