Posted Aug 19, 2011 in Tech


Google Philosophy Aligns More with Apple

This week Google announced the purchase of Motorola mobile for over 12 billion dollars. This proves that Apple’s strategy of linking software and hardware has won over the Google’s hardware agnostic approach. Yes, Google does state that they’ll continue to supply other manufacturers such as HTC and LG with an open operating...

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Posted Jun 2, 2011 in Tech


Have you integrated TABLETS into your business env...

The recent news about Alaska Airlines moving their flight manuals from paper to iPad has prompted us to look into why other corporations have not embraced this new trend faster. Since the tablet market is getting more crowded every day, one would expect that businesses would start changing their processes and integrate tablets into their daily...

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Posted Jun 1, 2011 in Tech


Dropbox: Sharing Made Easy

I’m always on the lookout for simple tools to make my life easier, and now that I use Dropbox, I can’t imagine doing without it. Dropbox is a quick and easy way to keep track of your files and share them with others. All you have to do is create an account, and you can start adding files that can then be accessed online from anywhere....

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Posted May 26, 2011 in Tech


Get a Jolt of Adrenaline with Force Dynamics’ 401c...

“Wow” is a term we seldom use when talking about tech stuff, however, today it’s the only one that even begins to describe what was felt just a few hours ago and not very far away. We took a trip down, south of the border, into northern New York state, where the guys of Force Dynamics are making the virtual seem very real. If...

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Posted May 18, 2011 in Tech


Spend time interacting with your friends on Groupi... How many times did you stubble upon a funny video and you thought “OH MY GOD!! I can’t wait to see Linda’s face when she sees this!” and then, you sent her a tweet, posted it on her wall or even sent an email? Well, soon, thanks to Groupideo you’ll be able to watch online videos with up...

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Posted May 5, 2011 in Tech


Is Your Scale Connected? Withings’ Scale is WiFi

This scale has just jumped to the top of our wish list, and it begs the question: “What took so long to make it?”. After playing with the scale for 2 days, we only have positive comments about it. The wifi connection never dropped and once you briefly go through the manual, you’ll be setup in minutes. The Withings wifi scale...

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