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How smart are your shades?

4iiii Innovations just released their new Sportiiiis device after a long development and extensive testing. This new gadget provides a heads-up display (HUD) to any pair of  sunglasses. Sportiiiis is built specifically for athletes (or aspiring athletes with money to spend). It’s hooked to your shades using universal attachment points...

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A Walkman in a World of iPods

At the ripe age of 23, I feel old for the first time.  This is, of course, ridiculous, since 23 is nowhere near old.  Wrinkles and grey hairs aren’t in sight and I don’t yet have to worry about adult responsibilities like paying off a mortgage or supporting a family.  A day or so ago, I’d be laughing, shaking my head and slapping my...

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Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of A

Steve Jobs has left us, his legacy remains

The billionaire and co-founder of Apple has died in California at the age of 56.  This August, Jobs stepped down as CEO while battling an unusual form of pancreatic cancer. Apple posts: “For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honour.” He leaves behind his wife, Laurene, and four...

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Digital Divide in an iPad World

I am back in school after working for seven years.   I feel a bit out-of-sync, to say the least. There are all of these people around me with Macbooks, iPads, and Kindles.  It’s a world of paperless humanoids.    Meanwhile, my back is killing me from carrying so many books, I have torn a hole in my backpack, and I can barely get my cell...

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Insight Timer for Meditation

There is nothing better than quiet meditation in the wee hours of the morning.   The sound of crickets, gentle morning breeze, and life-giving breath brings true peace.  But, let’s be honest – waking up for those wee hours is another story.   For me, there have been many more mornings spent with the snooze button than 30 minutes...

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Apple: No Jobs, Yes Jobs

  Ok, no more Steve Jobs @ Apple, but wait he’s now the director of the board so he’s still @ Apple… This just means that Jobs just changed job. It’s nice that they waited till later in the day, otherwise Apple stock would have lost a few points… Maybe more then a few! There’s nothing that Wall Street...

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