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Avesta Resto Café: A Turkish Delight

Nothing beats a cheap eat, and in Montreal, my number one recommendation for a gastronomic extravaganza on a budget is Avesta Resto Café located at 2077 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Here, you can eat a filling and scrump-didily-umptious meal for about $10. Constantly stationed in the window is the best advertisement for a restaurant that I’ve...

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Posted Sep 21, 2011 in Food, GREEN Berets, Made in Canada


DAVIDs TEA – A New Kind of Tea Time

Some people choose to have summer flings, but these past few months I’ve fallen in love with DAVIDsTEA. Founded in 2008, this sweet tea shop can be found all across Canada and provides some of the most delicious (and fun) teas I’ve ever found. They offer a huge assortment – including white, green, oolong, black, pu’erh, maté,...

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ModernHostess: Wining and Dining (Dining Optional)

Do I swirl my wine around in my glass before drinking it? Definitely. Do I gradually bring the glass to my nose to sniff it before taking a slow, leisurely sip that I will let sit in my mouth for a few moments? Absolutely. Does that make me a hoity-toity wine snob?? I don’t think so! Let me take a moment to explain why I engage in these...

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Posted Sep 2, 2011 in Food


The Sauce: Unedited

Call it Gravy, call it pommodoro, call it whatever u want; at the end of the day it still remains and forever will be Tomato Sauce. Loose or chunky, watery or thick it comes in a variety different textures, flavors and colors. Tomato sauce has been around since the Aztec and Maya civilizations of Latin America, the tomato (pommodoro in Italian...

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Posted Aug 28, 2011 in Food


Skywhores Unite!!! Presents Munchin’ n ̵...

Sometimes vacations are just not possible. I’ve lucked out in the sense that I can travel to almost any location that holds interest to me and have a contact, a hook up, or just knowledge of. But the main part of a vacation for most is just kicking back alone or with friends, shooting the breeze and relaxing. If you can’t travel what...

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Posted Aug 25, 2011 in Food


ModernHostess: Dinner for One

One of the things I get asked most often when people find out I like to cook is – if you’re eating alone, do you still cook for yourself? And the answer is… yes! I may be the only one eating, but does that mean I should settle for takeout or a frozen tv dinner? Of course not. And neither should you! Although I do enjoy having the...

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