Posted Nov 15, 2011 in Food

The Newest Foodie Movement: Dishcrawl

A couple months back I had the opportunity to participate in one of Montreal’s fastest growing social movements; the Dishcrawl. Basically, a Dishcrawl is similar to a pub-crawl, but rather than having an alcohol hangover you may enter  into a food coma. A participant will pay $50 to join 40 to 50 fellow foodies along a tasty journey. The...

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Posted Nov 13, 2011 in Food

The Benefits of Seasonal Foods

With the weather changes that are so inherent of Canadian living, a thought I’d like to share with you with the colder weather fast approaching, is the benefit of eating foods in season. In the summer, we change to lighter, breezy clothes and in the winter we add layers to keep ourselves warm and cozy. As the seasons change to balance the...

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Posted Nov 4, 2011 in Food

“Hop In”

The little things in life bring us the most pleasure, a perfectly chilled bottle of Spumante, ripe prosciutto sliced by hand that simply melts in your mouth or dinning al fresco with close ones. Whatever it may be, we all share that same feeling of warmth and comfort when we experience the little things in life that allow us to simply be, to take...

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Posted Oct 14, 2011 in Food


ModernHostess: An Apple a Day…

As you may know if you read my previous post, I am in love with all things fall. It’s still warm enough to enjoy being outside, the foliage is mesmerizing, and (my favourite part),  there is so much delicious produce in season. Perhaps the most famous of these is the noble, wonderful apple. Sure, you can get apples all year round, but they...

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Posted Oct 7, 2011 in Food


Pasta All’amatriciana

So, if you’ve been following along our last three posts, you’ve probably come to terms with how food needs to remain simple, unadulterated and tasty. You then went out to your local butcher and picked up some guanciale for a fantastic Spaghetti Carbonara; and now you filled your cupboards and pantry with jars of fresh tomato sauce to tide you...

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Posted Sep 30, 2011 in Food


ModernHostess – Fall into Fall (Cooking)

It’s official; there’s a nip in the air, the leaves are transforming into those golden, signature colours,  and you suddenly find yourself craving warm, cozy food (and sweaters). Fall has arrived! I love cooking in the fall, because I love all the fresh, local produce that comes with the season. In my opinion, it’s also the best season for...

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