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SHOP: Boutique Orlando’s Style

Store Elements Products: Crew neck sweaters, T-shirts from Entree Ls and Pink Dolphins, exclusive limited watches from G-shocks and a whole collection of vintage throwbacks Price point: under 100$ for most of the items Team: Tight team of Cool Kids’ who are also buyers, receptionists, PR, stylists and salespeople. Think Warhol factory team...

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Montreal Calvin Klein Boutique

Calvin Klein Montreal Boutique

Now there’s really no reason for anything to come between you are your Calvins! Opened earlier this Fall, the first freestanding Canadian Calvin Klein boutique set up a Montreal shop nestled in the Marché Central. The lifestyle brand offers a full range of women’s and men’s merchandise in a sleek, black-and-white space which...

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Sermoneta gloves: beautify your hands

Decades later and we still try to hold on to the classic and quirky fashion concepts of times past and bring them up-to-date. They looked good then, so why not resurrect and pay homage to some distinctive creations of the days gone by? For instance, it’s been a notably predominate year for 1970′s-inspired styles, presently with this...

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The Weekend Transit

I call this outfit “The Weekend Transit” mainly because of my favorite Ice Pearl Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals. Now that it’s getting chilly outside, I am still giving them the last chance to see the sunshine and to enjoy one of the last weekends of an Indian summer. Even though they look clunky and big, they are as comfortable and...

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Food For Thought: This Petite Ponders Plus-Size

Amidst the endless stream of assignments and lecture notes, I managed to stumble upon an interesting post in a local gym here in Halifax. Instead of the usual energy drink ad or some fabulous photo of someone ripped, I found myself staring at and into the numerous curves and crooks of Tara Lynn hunched in a straw chair with a curvy-friendly slogan...

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I Want Candy… Candi Bar That Is!

After months and months of soured plans and bitter disappointments, I finally visited the sweetest spot on the island of Montreal, Candi Bar.  Growing up, I had as much of a sweet-tooth as the next cavity-prone tot, so when I heard rumors about this candy wonderland for grownups, I couldn’t wait to try it out.  Located at 1148 Avenue du...

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