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SHOP: Boutique Orlando’s Style

Store Elements Products: Crew neck sweaters, T-shirts from Entree Ls and Pink Dolphins, exclusive limited watches from G-shocks and a whole collection of vintage throwbacks Price point: under 100$ for most of the items Team: Tight team of Cool Kids’ who are also buyers, receptionists, PR, stylists and salespeople. Think Warhol factory team...

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Winter Musts for Men

With blizzards gusting from every corner, the temperature dipping way below freezing and people complaining for the next 5 months or so…this has to be the arrival of a Canadian winter (stronger, more brutal and pitiless). Like they would say in the new amazing HBO show, Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming” and we need to not only...

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Gant. Traditional American Style Clothing with a E...

What started has a man’s trademark “G” stamp on every shirt’s button hem later became a cornerstone to the American sportswear. In 1949, in New Haven, Connecticut, Bernard Gant & his two sons, Marty & Elliot established GANT for those who wanted to get away from the “dress up” look after WWII & wanted a more casual, laid...

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Prints on Prints on Prints

Week to week I struggle to figure out how I can best entertain you (the reader) with useful or time wasting material; this week my article was staring me right in the face. I just recently changed my computer background to an Engineered Garments floral fabric swatch I saw on another blog. I then realized how big prints are becoming in men’s...

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Men in Skirts… Fashionable TREND or Plain Silly?

These past few seasons, trendsetters like Marc Jacobs have been sporting skirts. Some Designers have been toying with the idea of putting men in skirts as seen in sporadic sightings here and there of bared-legged man walking the runaways and popping up at shows for a few seasons now. Never a trend, the skirt has always been associated with...

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SNS Herning

Founded in 1931, SNS Herning first started as a personal hobby of Danish designer Soren Nielsen Skyt who made a living by knitting sweaters using the “bubble” patterns, a knitting technique that would serve as insulation and protect its wearer from the rough weather at sea. For the past 79 years, SNS Herning has been using the same techniques...

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