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Eva Monde

Eva Monde: Quebecer Sustainable Accessories Line

Lately I’ve been contemplating switching my diet from pescetarian (a vegetarian that eats fish) to vegan. Quite a jump since it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul, but quite gratifying based on testimonials from my fellow vegans. Beside it being a healthy alternative, it’s also an easy way of reducing your carbon footprint. Also,...

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Boutique Archive Montreal – One for the Good Books...

Sometimes you discover a new treasure when you least expect it. As did I last weekend strolling with coffee and cam in tow in the Villeray District. Spick-and-span new, we’re talking less than a month it’s open for business, Archive Montreal is a lovely boutique nestled on Villeray Street. Part vintage shop, part skate shop and a...

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Fashion and “Pretty in Pink”

Team Duckie (Jon Cryer)! Fine, I won’t choose him over Blane (Andrew McCarthy). Screenwriter John Hughes, in making Andie (Molly Ringwald) end up with Blane instead of Duckie, rationalized that this coupling will make audiences think that rich people and poor people can end up together. I do, however, think that Andie chose Blane because...

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The Cherry Blossom After the Earthquake

On March 11, 2011, my husband got a call around 5 a.m.  It was his mother, begging us to move to higher ground.  A tsunami advisory had been issued for parts of California.  For a brief moment, we panicked.  We had missed reports the night before of the earthquake off of Japan and had no idea of its severity.  As we turned on the computer,...

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LG Fashion Week: Going on a trip with design duo J...

Sibling design duo Alia and Jamil Juma, the brains behind New York based JUMA, are no strangers to the spotlight of fashion week. Launched in 2003, JUMA’s mandate is to create internationally inspired, unisex clothing and accessories that push boundaries and well, look great. Featured in publications all over the world, the pair have a...

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Stussy Deluxe

Stussy Deluxe – Stussy’s high-end clothing line for the grown-up streetwear consumer is simply amazing. Driven by a rising of the bar best exemplified by Japanese streetwear brands which have long offered high end takes on street classics, the Stussy Deluxe collection has a quiet subtlety and wide reaching appeal. With cornerstones of...

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